Mickey Atwal
Mickey Atwal


research themes

Some recent projects in the Atwal lab include:

  • Genomics of the tumor microenvironment. We are leveraging the power of next generation RNA sequencing in single cells to uncover the expression landscape of the evolving tumor microenvironment in breast cancer. Blog post.
  • Profiling the immune repertoire. We use high throughput single cell genomics to quantitatively characterize the T cell repertoire in normal donors and patients undergoing immunotherapy.
  • Cancer and human infertility. We have shown that some of the genes in the p53 tumor suppressor network are under selection in humans and play a role in the regulation of fertility in mice and humans.
  • Single-cell RNA-Seq. Algorithms are being developed to study whole-genome expression heterogeneity and evolution in somatic and tumor cells. Collaboration with Wigler lab.
  • Information theory. We are exploring the use of information-theoretic methods in the analysis of large datasets arising in genomics and neuroscience.

Online Software

  • Kerfuffle: a web-tool for multi-species gene colocalization analysis, R. Aboukhalil, B. Fendler, G. S. Atwal. pdf

  • Fine-scale detection of population-specific linkage disequilibrium using haplotype entropy in the human genome, H. Mizuno, G. S. Atwal, H. Wang, A. J. Levine, A. Vazquez, BMC Genetics, 11:27 (2010). PMCID:  PMC2873552. pdf

  • Information based clustering, N. Slonim, G. S. Atwal, G. Tkacik and W. Bialek,  Proc Nat Acad Sci (USA) 102, 18297-18302 (2005). pdf  (supp)